Business Website for Avadata Solutions, Inc.

July 29, 2020

Built in Gatsby and based on the Gatsby Netlify CMS Starter, I created this clean, fast website for AvaData Solutions, Inc., a small business analytics firm based out of Houston.

A part of their specification was a simple, easy to use Content Management System (CMS) for them to upload their sample projects and example work without any programming knowledge. I chose to build them a simple CMS with the open-source Netlify CMS and it serves their needs.

Screenshot of site

Learning Gatsby

This was my first professional project with Gatsby. I based it off an open-source starter and built up the custom pages as needed. I am a “slow” learner, in that I take a moment to take in everything before I really integrate it and understand it; so at first, the Gatsby file structure was daunting, as well as it’s functionality: it all felt like a black-box. My concerns faded when I had any issues: The community, support and documentation are fantastic. I had some issues with the caching and not updating properly and learned quickly through some searching on how to deal with it (gatsby clean). I had an issue with styling before realizing it was PurgeCSS acting up, and again, upon Reading The Manual, I figured what I had to do without much fuss. Over all, a very straight forward development experience.

Bulma CSS

Bulma is quite the CSS library, especially in conjunction with SASS. I come from only plain CSS or Bootstrap or Tailwind and Bulma is a good middle of the road. It has more premade components than Tailwind (mostly utilities) but less clutter and fluff than Bootstrap (at the time included jQuery behaviors). It allowed me to layout pages quickly and customize fonts and styling without much trouble.